Personal Safety

Users of this paddle board should be aware that Stand Up Paddleboarding can be a dangerous activity and requires caution irrespective of their experience.

Failure to use this paddleboard appropriately or with due care and attention can cause injury or death.

  • Paddleboarding is a physically demanding sport.
    You should consult your doctor or health professional before you begin.
  • Do not operate your paddleboard whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • This product is for use by competent swimmers only.
  • Always wear a Life Jacket/ Personal Floatation Device (PFD) when using the board.
  • Users must ensure that the leash is always used and worn correctly whilst the board is in use.
  • Do not carry sharp objects when using the board.
    Avoid the board coming into contact with sharp objects like rocks or reefs.
  • Users should inspect the board before every use to ensure it is free from damage.
    DO NOT use the board if you find any damage.
  • The board should always be used within a safe distance from the shore, normally no more than 150 meters is advised.
  • Do not exceed the maximum recommended user weights for the paddleboard.
    Only one user should be on or using the board at any one time.
  • Ensure the board is fully inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Children should always be supervised when near water.
  • Pay attention to all safety warnings.

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