Inflating the paddleboard

Remove the board from the box and place onto a smooth, level surface free of any debris and sharp objects, and unfold the board so that it is laid flat with the top side facing up.

Locate the inflation valve at the tail of the board and ensure that it is clear and free of debris. Unscrew the valve cap and ensure the valve pin is in the “UP” position. If it is in the “DOWN” position, simply press the valve pin to change it to “UP”. Press down on the valve pin to let air flow into the board naturally for a few minutes.

Connect the hose to the hand pump, ensuring that it is connected to the “INFLATE” outlet. Connect the nozzle on the hose to the valve by twisting half a turn clockwise. Pump air into the board using the hand pump and inflate until you reach the required pressure.

  • The minimum required pressure is 12 PSI with a maximum of 15 PSI.
  • Make sure to take breaks during inflation so you do not overexert yourself!

Once the correct pressure has been reached, disconnect the pump hose by twisting a quarter turn anti-clockwise and then tighten the valve cap.

To insert the centre fin, ensure the board is inflated to the correct pressure, turn the board over so the fins are facing upwards and slide the fin into the fin base and use the push-in pin to secure the fin in place.

Assemble the paddle

Each M.Y Point Break paddleboard comes with a 3 section, adjustable paddle. These paddles are designed to ensure the maximum performance when set up correctly.

Your paddle will include one section with the oar (bottom section) and then one section with the T-handle and height adjuster (top section); the third section is contained within the top section of the paddle. To connect the top and bottom parts together, slot the top section into the bottom section and use the metal push-button to secure the two sections together.

To adjust the height of the top section, unclip the locking collar and then slide the T-handle higher or lower to a suitable height. Ensure the locking collar is firmly closed before use.

How do I know what is the right height for me?

There are several different ways to determine how long your paddle should be; often the simplest is to make the total length of the paddle 7-10cm longer than your full height when standing. Many people will then adjust this length to suit their preferences as they get used to the board.

The most important thing is that the paddle is comfortable to hold and does not cause injury!


Do NOT over inflate your board – this can cause damage to the board and pose a danger to the user

Do NOT use an air compressor to inflate your board. Damage caused by the use of air compressors is not covered by warranty.

Do NOT pump the board to a high pressure and leave exposed to sunlight. Heat from the sun can increase the pressure inside the board and lead to irreparable damage and is not covered under warranty.

Do NOT adjust the air valve whilst the board is in use.

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